SOLUTION: AP United States Government and Politics Worksheet & Foundational Documents PPT

View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.…1Running Heading: CASE STUDIESCase Study QuestionsName of StudentName of InstructorName of InstitutionCourseDate2CASE STUDY1. THE BIRTH OF THE CONSTITUTIONA. The articles of Confederation1. A confederation is a union of one or more states with one central authority governing. Aconstitution is a set of principles in a country that state the duties and responsibilities of agovernment and guarantees rights to the citizens. Commerce is the practice of buying andselling products.2. The first form of government in the United States is the articles of confederation.3. Thirteen states had to agree for a law to pass.4. The powers of the congress included making and war and peace, conducting foreign affairs,and getting money and men from the various states. Other powers were borrowing andcoining money, regulating Indian issues, and settling disputes.5. The congress under the articles of confederation did not have the power to tax as well asdraft soldiers or even regulating trade in the U.S.6. The articles of confederation did not have executives because it had no intentions of havinga very powerful central government.B. The Constitutional Convention1. A convention is a form of a less formal treaty between states that cover various mattersaffecting them. A compromise is an agreement in settling disputes where the parties solveby making concessions and a delegate is a person sent to represent others in a conference.2. On May 1787, the delegates from the various states met at Philadelphia’s PennsylvaniaState House for the constitutional convention.3. George Washington served as the president in the constitutional convention on May 1787as he was elected as the president on the day.3CASE STUDY4. The most serious issue that the convention talked about was how to achieve a balancebetween liberty and authority.5. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson missed the convention. The two were in Europe asambassadors to other nations.C. Compromise1. Bicameral is the state of a legislative body in a nation having two champers. Unicameralis the state of a legislative body having a single chamber.2. The Virginia Plan was supported by the large states. The reason for such is because theplan was because of the large states having more representation than the smaller states.3. The smaller states supported the New Jersey Plan. The reason is that the plan was aimingat having equal representation for both the large and small states.4. A. 1. 2houses for the Virginia Plan2. PopulationB. 1. One house legislature in the New Jersey Plan2. Equal votes of states and an executive elected the national legislature5. The great compromise was a bicameral legislature. The compromise established twohouses where the house of representatives was to be based on population while the senatewas to have equal representation.6. Registered voters in the various states elect the representatives to the House ofRepresentatives.7. The legislatures elect senators to the senate.D. Separation of Powers4CASE STUDY1. Separation of powers is the doctrine where the various arms of government, the legislature,executive, and judiciary remain separate. Checks and balances are where the variousbranches of the government receive empowerment to prevent actions from other branchesand are also called to share power. The legislative arm of government consists of the twohouses and is in charge of making laws, the executive branch carries out and enforces lawsand the judicial branch interprets and defends the law in a country.2. The powers are separated in the executive where the power is given to the president, thelegislative to the congress, and the judicial to the federal and the supreme courts.3. The reason for the separation of powers is to limit any branch of the government fromexercising duties belonging to another.4. The role of the legislative branch is to make laws, declaring wars, determining taxing andspending policies, and also regulating interstate and foreign commerce.5. The role of the executive is to exercise and enforce the law.6. The role of the judiciary is to interpret laws. The judiciary determines guilt or innocencefor those brought before the courts.E. Organization of the Constitution1. To ratify is to sign or give formal consent in a situation. To amend is to make minor changesto a law to suit certain circumstances. An article is a section or a paragraph in a legaldocument like a constitution.2. The sun is a sign of a new beginning in Franklin’s quotation.3. The preamble gives an introduction to the constitution. The purpose of the preamble is tocommunicate what the constitution contains.4. There are seven articles in the constitution and a preamble.5CASE STUDY5. Article I of the constitution contains a description of the legislative branch of governmentwhich is the congress. Article II is about the executive branch of government. Article IIIexplains the judicial arm of the government in the United States.F. The Preamble1. The constitution was written under the power of the Constitutional Convention.2. The goals of the constitution include promoting national unity, establishing equality for allcitizens before the law, ensuring peace, and also acting as a security for the nation.3. The constitution aims at ensuring national unity, ensuring equality for all persons, promotepeace among the people, act as a security for the people, and gain freedom for everyone.2. THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCHA. Introduction1. The majority of the legislature is two-third of the members, the minority is the least numberof representatives in the legislature. Privilege is the right that the members of the parliamentenjoy for being in the parliament and expelling means giving a certain Member ofParliament disciplinary actions for their mistake.2. The main duty of the legislative branch of government is making laws.3. The House of Representatives and the senate make up the congress.4. Unless a law appoints otherwise, the congress meetings begin the first Monday of everyDecember.5. The congressional records are the name of the records of the congress debates in the UnitedStates.6. The privileges of the members of the congress are immunity against arrest when attending,going to, and coming from congress sessions and also not being questioned anything that6CASE STUDYthey speak in the congress meetings. However, members of congress do not enjoyimmunity from cases such as treason, felony, and breach of peace.B. The House of Representatives1. Census is the total number of people in a country which is taken after every ten years. Toimpeach is to accuse an official of wrongful acts or misuse of power.2. There is a total of 435 representatives in the House of Representatives. All those serve asvoting representatives.3. Each state sends representatives according to its population to Washington D.C. Also,every state sends two senators.4. To be a representative, one needs to be 25years and above, be a citizen of the United Statesfor the past seven years and also live in the state that one wants to represent.5. The term of office for a representative in the U.S is two years.6. The speaker of the House of the Representatives is the presiding officer in the house. Thespeaker is popularly referred to as the Speaker of the House.7. The house can initiate impeachment by posing resolution inquiries or an individualrepresentative can introduce impeachment bills.C. The Senate1. A state sends two senators to represent it in Washington D.C.2. Today, 100 senators represent the fifty states. Each state has two senators.3. The office term of senators is six years.4. To become a senator in the United States, one needs to be thirty years and above, a U.Scitizen, and a resident of the state they want to represent at the time of election.7CASE STUDY5. The presiding officers of the senate are the vice president and the Chief Justice. However,the chief justice only presides over on very special occasions.D. Rules, Rights and Privileges of the Congress1. Quorum is the half number of the members to the House of Representatives plus onemember. To expel a member of the House of Representatives or senate is to remove themand it requires two-thirds of the members. To adjourn is to stop a meeting.2. For there to be a quorum, there need to be 218 members to the House of Representatives.The figure is half of the members plus an additional one.3. The fraction required to expel a member in the Senate is two-thirds. Currently, two-thirdsof the senate is 67 members.4. The congress meeting records can be found in colleges and large libraries.5. The house of representatives is the only house responsible for introducing bills to raisemoney.E. How Bills Become Laws1. A veto is an unsigned bill that is returned to congress. An override is a situation wherecongress passes the bill by two-thirds hence making it a law even …

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SOLUTION: AP United States Government and Politics Worksheet & Foundational Documents PPT
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