SOLUTION: Grossmont Cuyamaca Community The Great War for Empire Questions

View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.Hello, I hope you are well. Here is the answer as an attachment.Grammar was checked with Trinka, plagiarism with smalltools and formatting manually.I’ll mark it as a full answer because of the site timer, but you can call me anyway 1. What were the strategic objectives of the Great War for Empire? Why wasgeography crucial in colonial America?The Great War for Empire, also known as the seven years’ war, originated from aconflict of interest, where the main countries were France and England, but were notlimited to these countries, being considered a world war for involving at least threecontinents in the conflict. About this conflict it is necessary to denote that there was notonly the participation of Europeans, but there was also the participation of native people incombat against various countries.The Seven Years’ War occurred because of territorial disputes both in America and inEurope. On the American continent England, France, and Spain fought; in Europe, thesesame countries, plus Austria, Prussia, the Swedish Empire, the Russian Empire, and Spain.France and England wanted to increase their possessions in America and since there wereno defined borders, friction was constant. For its part, France wanted to guarantee itshegemony in the European continent, something that always made England uneasy becausea strong France meant a weak England.The reasons that caused the disputes for colonial supremacy (maritime and commercialdomination) for the Indies and North American colonies. Although there were morecountries involved in the Seven Years’ War, the protagonists were France and England.Strong disagreements, among European powers, over the domination of territories inAfrica, North America, and Asia. Fight between the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom ofPrussia to establish control over Silesia (region between Poland, Germany, and the CzechRepublic). In addition to the major concern of French, Russians and Austrians about theincreasing power of Frederick II, King of Prussia.In this sense, the countries involved, especially England and France, conflict forhegemony. Therefore, these countries aimed for colonial supremacy, maritime power, andfor the Indies and North America.The local geography was also an essential factor for England’s conquest, where theAmerican soil was composed of mountainous biomes and the availability of resources, suchas wood from its rich forests, which encouraged England to build more ships. Furthermore,the colonies, previously established in coastal regions, were expanded more and more.Furthermore, it is interesting to specify the economic role that these colonies played, for themiddle colonies enjoyed a more advanced economic system because of their fertility, andthe tobacco trade was also profitable because of this.2. How did the British strategy change under the new Prime Minister, WillianPitt in 1757? What role did the British Royal Navy play in the French andIndian War?The Seven Years’ War provided William Pitt with a good rise as prime minister, where hedeveloped an indispensable role for the tactical scope of the country. The war began withheavy losses and considerable policy confusion. However, William Pitt was well receivedby the people, for he presented himself as a hope for the salvation of the country, so that hewas given the responsibility of coordinating the coordinates that the war would take.Moreover, Pitt’s position can be considered a victory both in the war field and in theeconomic field, for his actions made smuggling something inhospitable, governed by lawsto control the loss in about 250 million pounds, in this sense, he proposed an increase intaxes and reformulated the customs trade.Thus, Pitt established himself not only as a ruler, but also as an excellent strategist.It should still be noted that although he was of noble origin, his nickname was “the greatcommoner,” as he did not cling to his inherited title. Pitt was also considered a nationalist,as his conduct was clear in defeating France in a sharp manner.He took America and India as the main goal of British strategy: he sent his mainexpeditions to America, to secure the conquest of Canada and supported the East IndiaCompany and its “sky-born general,” Robert Clive, in their struggle against the French EastIndia Company.One of their main strategic moves, was to invest in both sea warfare and warfare inland space. This was an interesting way to plan the maritime ambit on the coastal coast ofAmerica, while England’s allies continued the battle inside the European continent, leavingthe French army divided between the conquest of the new world and the maintenance of theland they had already conquered.Pitt, the “Great Plebeian,” because of disowning his title and using nobility toachieve his goals. This resolute and combined policy was too much for Bourbon France,and by the terms of the Treaty of Paris in 1763, Britain remained supreme in NorthAmerica and India, held Minorca as a Mediterranean base, conquered territory in Africaand the West Indies.Pitt gave Britain a new empire, as well as preserving and consolidating the old one. But atthe end of the war, he was forced to resign. In 1760, George III ascended the throne,determined, along with his chief advisor, the Earl of Bute, to end the war.Contrary to Pitt’s wishes, the other members of parliament decided that declaring war onSpain was unfavorable to the country, even though it was a threat, and, because of this, Pittresigned in 1761. Only he was not tired of war. He never considered its carnage or the ruinof a bankrupt country.Additionally, Pitt was a controlling person, as he tended to centralize power and workvigorously. His haughty manner, which alienated many, and his authoritarian handling ofbusiness earned him respect and admiration, but little friendship.Prime Minister William Pitt, despite his young age, was a key figure in the unfolding of theSeven Years’ War, as he was a person who controlled the course of the war. His strategywas based on two main aspects: the first was based on the defense of the land, so he tried toguarantee the acquisition of America and India, dispersing the French troops to lessprotected places.The second strategy was based on investment, which made Prussia a significant ally, as itforced the French to battle in both Europe and America. Thus, the dissipation of the Frencharmy to less protected colonies would make it easier for the British navy to be moresuccessful during the conflict.3. What was significant about the Treaty of Paris (1763) Pontiac’s Rebellion, andthe Proclamation Line of 1763?Seven Years’ War had already caused many losses, both tangible and intangible, in thissense, the need for a peace agreement had been established, being signed in the Treaty ofParis of 1763. This agreement was signed between the main colonizers of the Americas,which were Great Britain, Spain, and Portugal. This treaty favored the exchange of colonialterritories.Furthermore, the occupation of Canada and other territories previously belonging to Francecame under British guardianship. Although this seemed unfavorable to France, it waspossible to recover some of its colonies, such as Guadeloupe and St. Lucia, as well aspermission to fish.The English state was short of monetary resources for the conflicts, and, France gave upNorth America. As a result, England and the remaining native colonies began to fight fortheir own interests, including expansion and taxation.Thus, France abandoned the war, leading to British control of the region, which culminatedin a series of sudden changes, which sparked conflicts because Britain viewed the nativesof the region with inferiority, refusing to supply weapons to these people, so that negativelyaffected the hunting and, consequently, caused an inhospitable environment based onmutual distrust.With this comes to Pontiac, a native and tribal leader who, with the help of about 300 menfrom different tribes, led an attack on a Fort, located in Detroit, to expel the colonizers fromthat place. Although the revolt did not have the expected effect because of the increaseddefense of the Fort, the revolt spread, leading natives to attack the British armed forces and succeed in most cases. The end of the conflict came only through a diplomaticagreement between Pontiac and the authority responsible for Indian affairs.This agreement proved that by uniting the tribes it was possible to delimit Indian lands andprohibit their occupation. Furthermore, the Royal Proclamation of 1763 was made as a wayto delimit how far the colonizers could advance. This was an attempt to soften the hostileenvironment between the natives and the colonizers, who were extremely unhappy with thisnew agreement. Thus, the emergence of this proclamation was extremely relevant, as itculminated in the American Revolutionary War.4. What was significant about the New York Campaign of 1776 and the Battle ofSaratoga.? Why did the British lose and the Americans won the conflict?Having captured Boston in March 1776, General George Washington began moving hisarmy south to block an anticipated British movement against New York City. Arriving,he divided his army between Long Island and Manhattan and awaited the next move byBritish General William Howe. In early June, the first British transport began to appearin New York Harbor and Howe established camps on Staten Island. Over the next fewweeks, Howe’s army grew to over 32,000 men. His brother, Vice Admiral RichardHowe commanded the Royal Navy…

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SOLUTION: Grossmont Cuyamaca Community The Great War for Empire Questions
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